Monday, June 27, 2016

Who Is Being Naive?

     I was channel surfing the other night when I caught an interesting story on one of the "science" channels. The show was a "documentary" explaining how planet Earth was formed. Over the course of an hour, scientists and astronomers described all the "luck" (that was their term, not mine) that transpired to form earth and the world as we know and experience it.

     It related how "lucky" we are that the sun formed, the mass we call Earth was captured in its orbit, how another massive piece of inter-stellar mass collided with what would be our Earth creating the moon, how multiple millions of years transpired with multiple millions of asteroids and comets containing water crashed into Earth, how the atmosphere  formed and how small microscopic life-forms begin to develop and eventually evolved into all that we see including humanity.

     The longer I watched, the more amazed I was that these learned academics actually believed that all that exists was a catastrophic phenomenon of chance. From where I sit, the notion that everything just happened seems more and more like fool's talk. Now, I am viewed as naive because I believe God, the Intelligent Designer, created it all. I ask you, who is being naive?

     My larger problem is that this secular and atheist mindset which attributes all we see to "luck" totally dominates our world's major universities and academic communities. How did this happen? I am reminded of Psalms which states, "The fool has said in his heart, there is no God."

     I ask you, does it really make sense to believe that nothing plus time plus chance formed the universe with all of its complexity? Yet, belief in this nonsense seems to be the union card into our modern world of academia. Sad.

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