Thursday, September 15, 2016

Another Pastor Is Stepping Down....

In 1980, the musical group Queen released a chart-topping song, "Another One Bites the Dust." The refrain says simply,

"Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust 
And another one gone and another one gone 
Another one bites the dust..."

I spent almost 23 years as a pastor in Nashville. Through the years, I have seen pastors develop acute illnesses and die young, some pastors were run off, others had moral failings, some were dismissed because they were getting "too old," and some quit out of utter frustration.

Time after time good churches and good men were under spiritual attack. Now, sadly,  I see another pastor stepping down. 

I can almost hear the demons singing, "Another one bites the dust." Do you think it is not a designed spiritual attack on the church? Think again.

You can read more about this phenomenon in my newest book, Lectures from the Gates of Hell. It is coming out next month.


  1. Pastor Jerry,

    I was a recipient of your 23 yrs serving at Two Rivers Baptist Church! I am so thankful you were there during the time I was there! Dendy Jarrett( tympany player in your orchestra) was my husband! He rejected me for having an illness at that time! You and Jack Wilkerson worked to try to help me and Little Joey( my little one)! Joey was the 5 yr old little boy who got healed in the Passion play during Easter! He is 28 yrs old now and majoring in the Physical Therapy program at the College of Central Florida. I am atending St. Leos University majoring in Psychology with my goal to become a Christian Counselor! Following the biblical financial counseling from Jack Wilkerson resulted in my complete recovery from that illness that was trying to take my life!He taught me the biblical truth about the tithe and he told me that as soon as I begin to earn money, to tithe 10% and watch God heal my life! My first income after the divorse was $160.00 government aid for Joey and myself! Within one month after I paid my $16.00 tithe, I was completely healed! My lungs were permanently damaged due to a mismanagement of poison chemical work done inside my apartment from several different companies onthe same day. The poison combined and created a fume (fog) in my apartment. For 8 hrs I was exposed to the fumes not aware of the danger. Someone called the fire department in my aprtment building as all the apartments were experiencing the same fumes.The fire department evacuated the whole building immediately! As a result of the 8 hour exposure, my lungs were damaged.I was diagnosed with reactive airways disease and secondary lung damage with 50% lung function. After the healing, My lung function went up to 100%! God gave me a job working at a processing center for Brannen Banks of Florida in the bookkeping department!I was able to purchase a small home and within 9 years, I paid off my mortgage!

    Jack and Brenda have kept conact with me all these many years and now they are supporting me with their prayers, encouragement and financial advice with my college carreer!

    I want you to know that I will always appreciate your part in my complete recovery, the Godly covering under your pastoring and how your ministry has brought Glory to God and His Son Jesus Christ!

    I loved hearing every message you preached and was encouraged by every word you said that God had a great plan for my life!

    Thank you for your steadfast commitment to God, Jesus Christ, and all believers under your care!


    Sharon (maiden last name)O'Connell (Jarrett)
    Psalm 150!

    1. Thank you for updating me Sharon and for sharing what God has done in your life. I appreciate your kind words of encouragement. Fern and I appreciate your friendship!